Today I helped lead a blind man out of a subway station. At the exit, he turned towards me and said:

Blind Man:  By any chance are you carrying a baby on your back?

Me: Yes

Blind Man: Oh good. That explains the little arms that have been grabbing me.


Phones vs Laptops

It’s obvious just how much more is being done on phones and tablets than on computers, and the trend is continuing.

I think that’s a very bad thing. 

Computers with their keyboards, mice, and multitasking are so much more efficient than iOS & Android.

I would like to know how much faster a laptop is at doing routine everyday tasks than doing the same thing on a phone. 

Has this been studied before? If not, I think we should. We can publish it.

My hypothesis: In 2014, Americans will waste over 16 BILLION hours because they are doing things on their absurdly inefficient phone interfaces instead of on a computer.

I tried to look up how many presidents have been grandfathers while serving in office. It’s pretty hard to look up because no one in the history of presidents has ever cared about whether or not they have grandchildren or will ever have grandchildren because it is truly one of the dumbest things to care about in the universe. New Republic  (via lauraolin)

(via lauraolin)